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Cee-Bee® Aviation Products

Alkaline Activated

Paint Strippers

Developed for removal of multiple paint systems, Cee-Bee Aviation’s alkaline activated paint strippers are approved for both commercial and military coatings. Our environmentally friendly E-Series strippers are engineered and approved for composite structures. Methylene chloride products for use on exterior and military applications are also available.

Cee-Bee® A-292 - 23007

Cee-Bee® A-292NC - 23031

Cee-Bee® E-2002A - 23204

Cee-Bee® E-2012A - 23229

Cee-Bee® E-2787 - 23231

Cee-Bee® R-256 - 23900

Cee-Bee® Cleaners

Cee-Bee® Lavatory Products are designed to clean airplane restrooms and keep them smelling fresh. Cee-Bee Lavatory fluids meet manufacturers’ approvals and will not harm aircraft toilet systems.

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60 - 25160

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60T - 25163

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60TNP - 25164

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 76 - 25176

Peroxide Strippers

Cee-Bee Aviation has developed effective, peroxide based paint strippers capable of removing multiple paint systems. They are effective and safe for aircraft paint stripping. These non-toxic, environmentally friendly, spray-on paint strippers are OEM approved to commercial and military specifications.

Cee-Bee™ E-2060 - 23260

Cee-Bee™ E-3000 - 23262

Cee-Bee™ E-3000M Paint Stripper - 23264


Effective in corrosion, oxidation, and smut removal, Cee-Bee Aviation’s Brighteners are approved for OEM and MRO applications. 

Cee-Bee® B-55 - 22009

Cee-Bee® B-6 - 22005

Cee-Bee® R-66C – 22011


Cee-Bee Engine Overhaul Products are formulated to safely remove scale, carbon, grease, paint, varnish, soil, and adhesive from engine components without affecting steel or other alloys. These products are also environmentally friendly, as well as approved by all engine manufacturers’ standards and specifications.

Cee-Bee® A-7X7 - 26001

Cee-Bee® ALKO - 22001

Cee-Bee® Cleaner C-46 - 26006

Super Bee™ 300LF - 20095

Polysulfide Removal

Cee-Bee Aviation Products supply effective polysulfide paint system removers primarily for military use. Available in both methylene chloride and non-methylene chloride versions, these strippers are also very efficient at removing sealants. 

Cee-Bee® A-458 - 23055

Cee-Bee® E-1058 - 23158

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