was jointly developed by Douglas Aircraft Company and Monsanto in the late 1940’s to reduce the risk of mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids as an ignition source.  Skydrol is a fire resistant, phosphate ester hydraulic fluid that retains a low viscosity at low temperatures.   Inhibits corrosion and prevents erosion damage to servo valves.


Types of Skydrol:

  • Skydrol 5:Is the first Type V fluid to qualify under Boeing BMS 3-11 Specification.It offers higher temperature capability that they Type IV fluids.It also has better paint compatibility.

  • Skydrol 500B-4:Has the longest service history of the phosphate ester products.It is also the most worker friendly of the aviation phosphate ester products.

  • Skydrol LD4:Has excellent thermal stability has a reputation as a gold standard among the Type IV fluids.Features low density, valve erosion prevention and deposit control.

  • Skydrol PE-5:Exceeds the more demanding the Type V fluid requirements.It features the longest fluid life of any commercially available fluids.Low density and Low viscosity at low temperature are an unbeatable combination of the best features for optimum fluid performance.

  • MCS-352B:To compliment the use of Skydrol MCS-352 is a viscous assembly lubricant for components and equipment.It lubricates seals during assembly, preventing them from being damaged.It introduces no foreign material into the hydraulic system.

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