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Mobil Jet


Is a combination of highly stable synthetic based fluid and chemical additive package lubricant for the aircraft gas turbine.  It provides outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.   Resist deterioration and deposit formation in both liquid and vapor phases.   It is resistant to foaming.  Mobil Jet meets demanding requirements of a wide range of severe operating conditions.  The high specific heat ensures good heat transfer from oil-cooled engine parts.

  • Mobil Jet 254 – High performance, synthetic lubricant meets the performance requirements for gas turbine engines in commercial and military aircraft.This product has superior thermal and oxidation stability that resists deterioration and deposit formations while maintaining the physical characteristics.

  • Mobil Jet II – Offers excellent deposit control.  Provides superb elastomer compatibility to maximize component life.   Provides low-temperature fluidity and protection at high speeds. 

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