OS-138 Polyphenyl Ether™

Help connectors last as long as the equipment they are connected to.

  • Helps prevent galling and seizing of precious metal connector surfaces

  • Is completely inert toward plastics and other material used in electrical connectors

  • Is a non-migrating lubricant-it stays where it is applied

  • Does not impede the flow of of electrical current through the contacts

  • This all adds up to thinner coatings of gold and other noble metals that can be used to do the job at a lower cost

  • Temperature range is up to 110°C/230°F when applied as a thin film, delivering the same superior lubricity and performance

  • Is also available with UV tracer

Sizes available with no UV Tracer







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OS-138-T Sizes available with UV Tracer


5 Gallon Pale

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