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Equipment Training and Service Rates

Purchase of New Equipment

Training in the safe and successful operation of newly purchased Glas-Craft, Graco, ITW Binks or custom designed spray, pour or meter/mix equipment may take place either at our facility or at the location of the purchaser's choice. If at our facility, there is no charge for the first eight hours of training. If at a customer's location, the following rates will apply:


TBM, Inc. will provide a fully qualified machine technician for an eight-hour period at no charge with exception of travel expenses*. In the event additional time is required at initial start-up, this will be provided at a rate of $500.00 per day.


Our technicians are not licensed electricians. It is the customer's responsibility to supply electrical service and air to the equipment.


Service Rates to Repair Equipment

TBM will provide a fully qualified machine technician and charge the labor rates as stated below, plus travel expense*.

In-Plant Work (your facility or ours)$60 per hour

In-Plant Work (your facility or ours)$60 per hour

Weekends and Holidays$120 per hour


The purpose of our technician's presence is to provide qualified instruction and/or service with regard to the equipment. He is not present in a foreman-like capacity. He has specific instructions not to provide application services, other than test spraying/running the equipment. TBM, Inc. will assume no responsibility whatsoever pertaining to a resulting application. Our responsibility ends with the instruction on or service to the equipment. All parts used in the field service work, supplied by our technician, will be itemized and billed in accordance with prices in effect at that time. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

* Travel is based to and from St. Louis, MO. Travel expenses include air fare or a charge of $.40 per mile if a TBM vehicle is used. TBM vehicles will only be used within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis. Hotel, meals, and rental car expenses will be the responsibility of the customer. Hourly rate for travel time will be charged at the rate of $30.00 per hour.

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