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TBM Inc. is an authorized distributor of Skydrol™ aviation hydraulic fluids from Eastman. Your fluid choice can impact the performance of your aviation hydraulic system. That’s why you need a fluid developed to meet the requirements established by manufacturers and backed by recognized experts in phosphate ester technology. Skydrol was the first fire-resistant hydraulic fluid in the industry. Today, it remains the most advanced aviation hydraulic fluid. With Skydrol, you not only get a proven product but also access to our technical experts and unique sample analysis program.


Eastman is proud to offer a variety of industry-leading hydraulic fluids and services that meet the demands of the aviation industry. To help you select the right products for your fleet, view industry approvals here.


Skydrol PE-5

Reduced maintenance and increased performance—longest fluid life of any phosphate ester fluid under high-moisture, low-moisture, high-temperature, and mild-temperature conditions

Faster cold starts—ideal combination of density (specific gravity) and low-temperature viscosity

Improved system reliability—offers erosion protection at 3000 and 5000 psi, which leads to decreased maintenance and downtime

Compatible with your fleet—normal fluid top-up for conversion and fully compatible with existing

Type IV and V fluids


Skydrol 5

Fuel savings—lowest-density phosphate-ester hydraulic fluid, offering weight reductions

Improved system reliability—higher temperature capability than Type IV fluids, providing thermal stability and erosion resistance

Longer wear—Its exceptional paint compatibility allows it to be less aggressive toward aircraft paints

Fire resistance—improved fire resistance over Type IV fluids in spray ignition tests


Skydrol LD-4

Improved system reliability—High-temperature capability offers thermal stability and erosion protection

in valves.

Proven erosion resistance—a breakthrough product, solving previous problems of valve erosion


Skydrol 500B-4

Proven track record—longest service history among phosphate ester fluids

System reliability—contains the same breakthrough anti-erosion additive and acid scavenger found in Skydrol LD-4

“I was impressed with the speed and professionalism of the Eastman team in dealing with our particular situation. Including the sample testing in the Skydrol product offering is nice, but in this case, the turnaround time was what really mattered. They realized we had an urgent request and handled it accordingly.

—AJ Sasidharan

NZDF flight lieutenant

Read the case study.

Expert, efficient hydraulic system fluid analysis can prevent costly problems.


Eastman offers sample analysis at no cost to Skydrol customers


Testing is performed at Eastman labs


Downloadable analysis reports include recommendations to improve your operations.


The MySkydrol portal offers convenient access to tools, including sample kit order forms, sample results, and fleet analysis.

Learn more.

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